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Viraly started with a simple idea of changing the way users perceive a social post. In the past, the appearance of every social post on Facebook, Google+  or Twitter was dictated by the sourced site. No title, description or image changes were possible. The social appearance of an article or blog post was set in stone the second it was published. 

Viraly tries to combat this particular issue by allowing brands, content creators, bloggers, social media experts and regular users to change the appearance of their social posts on the fly. 

Viraly does this by optimizing and customizing the Open Graph protocol of each post. Viraly is compatible with Facebook and Twitter.

What is Open Graph?
The Open Graph protocol was originally created by Facebook, and is used to assign properties (title, url, image etc.) to any social post. To turn a web page into a Open Graph (OG) object, OG protocol meta tags need to be installed on the web page. This usually requires some effort on the development side. Once OG tags are assigned for a particular page, they can't be changed without touching the hard code. Viraly, solves this particular problem and allows any user to change OG tags on the fly — all without knowing a single line of code.

What are Twitter Cards?
Similar to Open Graph, Twitter has its own protocol that changes the appearance of a tweet. Twitter Cards  go beyond the 140-character limit of the platform and attach media experiences—such as photos or videos—to Tweets. Because Cards enable Tweets to stand out in a text-heavy stream, they’re perfect for introducing new products, sharing media and increasing conversions. Viraly, is in the first stages of experimenting with Twitter Cards and does support some basic functionalities for articles, blog posts and videos. Feel free to try it now.

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